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USEDSHOESANDCLOTHING.COM is the champion of the used shoes and clothing industry.  Over the years we have developed the contacts to provide our customers with the largest variety and every grade your customers are seeking, at a fraction of the cost, by eliminating the middle man.  We have representatives in countries around the world,so odds are we can make your international delivery worry free.  Our freight forwarders are familiar with the importing process in your destination point. 

We will be sure to handle your loading of the container, inland freight, loading of the vessel and the disembarkment in every port in the globe, conforming to their local procedures.  Working with USEDSHOESANDCLOTHING.COM, gives you the peace of mind in knowing, that your merchandise will reach its final destination, safely and in a timely matter.  Give us a call today, lets discuss your used shoes and clothing needs.

We can be reached by Toll Free 1-800-567-9844
if calling from Overseas - Please call + 718-513-0128

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